Mentoring Theory

Mentoring is regarded as a two-way process that can provide a sense of pleasure by the exchanging of experience and skills.  It can be displayed through the mentor reflecting upon his own abilities and sharing his skills with his trainee. These views are only acceptable if the trainee recognizes their training needs and having a desire to be a willing and active participant in the process.

For the mentoring process to be successful there is a need for the relationship to be supportive and challenging, the mentor typically being seen as the expert providing the advice, guidance and support.

Mullins (2013) states mentoring may involve coaching techniques but a need of rapport for either relationship to work effectively. Clutterbuck (Mullins, 2013:193) addressed this as: – ‘the basic difference is that coaching is always about performance; mentoring is more holistic, about the whole individual.  Both are techniques for developing people but in practice, mentoring tends to be a longer relationship.’

The mentoring concept is evident when Katniss receives training in hunting skills from Gale, and also when she was receiving mentoring from Haymitch, Cenna and Effie, when she was chosen to represent her District.


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