Plot Summary

In a dystopian future, the totalitarian nation of Panem is divided between 12 districts and the Capitol. Although Katness is only sixteen, she’s a tough hunter who puts food on her family’s table. Her father died years earlier in a mine explosion, and now Katniss just lives with her mother and sister Prom in District 12 in the country of Panem (Hatfield, 2014).

Every year the Capitol of Panem hosts an event called the Hunger Games where two “tributes” – a boy and a girl who are randomly selected from each of the twelve districts to be brought to an arena and fight to the death. Only one person can win (Collins, 2013). This is to remind the country not to rebel – and for entertainment, of course. This year, unfortunately, Katniss’s little sister is selected for the Hunger Games, so Katniss volunteers to take her place. Then the male tribute is selected; Peeta Mellark.

After the reaping (the tribute selection process), Katniss and Peeta are whisked away to the Capitol to prepare for the Games (and primped for live TV). We meet their support team, which is primarily comprised of Haymitch (a former Hunger Games winner and also a drunk), Effie (their wrangler), and Cinna and Portia (their stylists). This is continued by the training before the games where Katniss revealed her archery skills to the Gamemakers.

All 24 of the tributes are then transported to the arena to fight it out. Katniss and counterpart Peeta are competing against bigger, stronger representatives; some of whom have trained for this their whole lives (Collins, 2013). However, they seem to put up a fight. when in battling it out to become the victor of the seventy-fourth annual Hunger Games. 


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