Seneca Crane

031612-Wes-Bentley-300Seneca Crane is the head game-maker of the 74th Hunger Games, the position which he has held for 3 years. Crane was the face of the games, he had a direct helping hand within the games and due to his high status he is well respected within the Capitol. Having the title of the ‘head games-maker’ does bring personality traits of being sadistic due to the nature of the games to many; however Crane does hold many sentimental values also. Despite his high status in the capitol, he is lead by those higher than himself such as President Snow, and other Capitol leaders, causing conflicts and disagreements within the games and the Captiol.

Conflict Theory

Seneca Crane holds a great position in society, many look up to him within the Capitol due to his extrovert strong willed personality. However despite this, there is a conflict on how the games are to be run within the Hunger Games within the Capitol, mostly between Crane and President Snow. There are numerous words spoken prior to the games and during the games between Crane and President Snow, and it reflects the Conflict Theory of leadership. The 1970 Thomas and Kilmann identification of conflicts in leadership works with the relationship of Crane and Snow due to both their assertiveness and the lack of cooperation leading to a crisis within the games leadership and running as there is a clear barrier of interest created, causing a severe amount of conflict between the two main men in charge of the games.


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