RueRue is a 12 year old child from District 11, because of her age she is underestimated by others; however she proves a very wise girl for her age by observing what the others are doing. Through observation Rue teams up with Katniss to try and defeat them; however while doing this she dies herself.

Servant Leadership Theory

Rue relates to this theory as she is working alongside Katniss within the Hunger Games working together to get through them. The theory talks about working alongside people to achieve ‘authority rather than power’ and also mentions how when they achieve this role they work towards promoting well being, which can be seen in the way Rue and Katniss work together rather than against each other and help each other when they face difficulties, therefore, looking out for each other’s well being (Investopedia,2013). Rue uses the knowledge she has gained so far to also help Katniss with her game. Characteristics of people within this theory include that of; empathy, listening, stewardship and commitment to personal growth toward others in which Rue shows all of these within her friendship with Katniss as they become friends helping each other and look out for one another during the games.

Transformational Leadership Theory

‘A theory of leadership that focuses on how leaders can transform their followers positively’ (ToolingUniversity,2013). Rue can fit into this theory as the friendship she makes with Katniss gives Katniss a more positive attitude towards the games as she has Rue to work alongside. Katniss sees Rue as similar to her younger sister, therefore Rue is transforming Katniss positively as she is reminding her of why she needs to win the Hunger Games, giving her a motive to work harder within them. When Rue dies this also gives Katniss more positive motivation as it drives her to also win this for Rue and herself.


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