President Coriolanus Snow

snowCoriolanus Snow is the President of Panem and is a native of the Capitol. Snow is a cruel and controlling dictator who possesses total power in Panem’s government and rules over the Capitol and its enclosed districts. He also works on the annual Hunger Games and is the leader for the forces responsible for oppressing the districts.

He uses intimidation against people to show power. Snow warns Seneca, the head games maker, to keep Katniss in control, but when Katniss and Peeta are both crowned as victors of the games Snow becomes furious. President Snow rules using scare tactics and intimidation and makes Seneca take his own life by eating poison berries. This is President Snow’s message to other game makers that letting two people win the Hunger Games is not acceptable.

Transactional Leader

President Snow is clearly a ‘transactional leader’ as he uses intimidation and gets individuals motivated by using rewards and punishments. Rules, procedures and standards are used by Snow which is a transactional leader trait. According to the transactional theory ‘followers are not encouraged to be creative or to find new solutions to problems’. Transactional leaders would rather keep things the same rather than changing the future and President Snow was trying incredibly to maintain the current system of rule and quell the rebellion.

president snow

Great Man and Trait Theory

Snow can also be related to the Great Man and Trait theory. Both of these theories suggest that leadership is either something that you do or do not have. The two both suggest that people are born leaders with characteristics such as confidence, and authority. President Snow could not be nearer to this description. He is a very authoritative man who sees himself as ‘the boss’ and he is good at getting people to listen to him, to fear him and to obey his rules, which is why he is furious when Katniss goes against them.

President Snow is the most obvious leader, which mainly takes on the authoritarian style. in regards to the games, President Snow sticks to the rules of the games and leaves the people below him with very little decision-making.

Finally, President Snow shows great similarities to the coercive form of leadership due to ordering and demeaning his group of game makers such as Seneca, and whatever President Snow tells him to do Seneca will follow without asking questions. He seems to set out task and aims for each member of the game makers to follow, and if they do not comply then they will face serious consequences. This shows viewers how much power President Snow has compared to the others; he is controlling the games, the cities and districts as well as individuals.


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