Peeta Mellark

Peeta Mellark is a bakers son within District 12, being portrayed to be a quieter member of the community; who is thrown into the limelight quickly when during the reaping of the 74th Hunger Games. His name is drawn to participate alongside Katniss to represent district 12. With Peeta’s clear thinking and calm exterior he relies on his personality and forward thinking in order to charm the audiences of the Hunger Games as he is ‘known for being nice’ The Hunger Games (2009). He is a selfless person with his wishes to always please others and puts others happiness above his own.


Transformational Leader

Prior to the games, Peeta was deemed unlikely to win due to his selfless personality and less emphasis on physical power and strength; however when in the games there is a change within others thoughts towards him. Peeta becomes highly motivational within the games and the presence of Katniss, his personality soon changes into the transformational leader. Being the role of the transformational leader helps Peeta flourish and become a threat to other candidates, gaining the respect of others by becoming a stronger person, and by also motivating the pride of representing district 12.

Theory Y Leader

With Peeta becoming a strong personality within the games after his transformational leadership skills, we can also see him presenting a clear form of the ‘y’ theory of leadership. Peeta doesn’t take as much responsibility within the first half of the Hunger Games due to his calm nature and also his selfless role he plays. However, within the games he presents himself with a huge amount of responsibility, becoming incredibly self motivated with the need for survival becoming evident, and he also plays the role of the problem solver of the games, showing that those who under-estimated his abilities should have reconsidered their opponent.


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