Haymitch Abernathy

HaymitchHaymitch won the 50th Hunger Games for District 12 and is now a mentor for Katniss and Peeta. Within the film he comes across as a drunk who you would not necessarily trust; however he proves a cunning advisor and almost comes across as a fatherly figure.

Mentoring Theory

Mentoring theory is about an experienced person passing their knowledge onto someone who is less experienced by offering guidance and support. This is Haymitch’s main role within the film as he is acting as Katniss and Peeta’s mentor, getting them prepared for the Hunger Games. He passes on his own personal knowledge, which cannot be argued with as he previously was the victor of the Hunger Games and is the only winner from District 12. Therefore, he is superior in this area which is why he is now mentoring others. Although some of his knowledge that has been passed on is sometimes questionable, he ends up being the ideal mentor.

Great Man Theory

Great Man Theory relates to Haymitch as the theory talks about how their movements and leadership in history has influenced other people, and left a mark in history leaving them with power (Baldock,2012). Therefore the fact Haymitch once won the Hunger Games, automatically puts him into this theory as his actions from history have influenced people. Although his drunk ways do not make him come across as the most reliable man Katniss and Peeta still put their faith within him because of his ‘great man’ image from him being a victor of the Hunger Games as they know he must be wise therefore letting him influence their actions which they are going to take.

Trait Theory

Haymitch can relate to aspects of the Trait Theory; the theory focuses on a person’s traits over time and how they will influence others behaviour in the future (WebFinance, 2014). Relating this to Haymitch, his behaviour from when he won the Hunger Games will always be focused on by new contestants especially as he is a mentor. They will try and reflect and copy this behaviour as they are seeing him as a successor which is what they are striving towards. He is seen as an idol figure within district 12 because everyone wants to have success within the games for the district similar to him, and as he has been the only winner he is seen as an important figure from the district therefore relating to trait theory as he will always influence peoples’ behaviours from the district he originates.


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