Gale Hawthorne

imagesGale Hawthorne is a highly regarded member of district 12, with others having a great deal of respect for him as he is loyal to the community with him doing anything in power for his community. As Gale is Katniss’s best friend, he has a strong hatred for the capitol and has a rebellious attitude as they are putting his community at risk. He is more of the extrovert within the community with his more opinionated manor. Gale is a born leader with the fire inside him to want to make changes for the better within their lives, and has a strong willed and physically strong personality which takes him far within his position in society.

The Great Man Theory

‘Great leaders are born, not made’ is the main quote that responds with the Great Man theory as it sums up Gale’s personality as a leader. Gale is reliable and each and every person within the community looks up to him due to his safe and authoritive nature. Gale represents a classic alpha male within district 12 with standing his ground in all opportunities and breaking the rules in order to feed the others, which is a classic trait of the ‘great man’ leader (Cherry 2014). With his safe exterior , he leads others into success, a classic trait of the great man within district 12, leading others into looking up towards him for help in times of need (Straker 2010).


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